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legal height for pergola - garden law discussion

hi all - i'm sure this has been asked a zillion times in which case, sorry , but we want to build a single pergola at the end of our garden to screen out the view of a residents parking area at the back and want to check the maximum height allowed.

designing a pergola from the ground up professional deck

i stained the cedar before construction and allowed a day’s drying time after the final coat — while i started the dirt work. sandbox template. a cornerstone to my approach to building pergolas is the full-size template i fabricate. instead of fussing with string to define a pergola’s perimeter, i build what i call a sandbox.

pergola - ridiculous hoa rules phoenix, gilbert: get

we are planning to put a pergola in our back yard. i understand that i have to get city permits gilbert . the pergola will be 16' x 12' and will be 5' away from the property line two sides on a corner. supplied plans to hoa .. they say that pergola must be at least 9 feet away from any structure house walls, property line, etc. .

building a pergola: design, construction and sizing

the cost of a pergola depends on both the size and the construction material. the total cost for a vinyl pergola is typically $3,800 to $9,500 depending on the size. fiberglass pergolas can range in price from $3,500 to $8,000 based on size. a timber frame pergola typically runs $43-$49 per square foot installed so a 10x20 would be about $8,700.

legal height for garden pergola/arbour

legal height for garden pergola/arbour? that he could force me to take down a fence over the allowed height, but not put one up. as you may guess our neighbours were fussing that we didn't intend to put it up again and they would have no privacy. i don't think there are major regs about pergolas and the like.

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