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thursoct have been involved in the manufacture of pvc

thursoct has grown from strength to strength and will be one of the first organizations in south africa to manufacture pvc roof sheeting as well as pvc foam board locally. thursoct is a family grown business and believe in providing the right product at the best price without compromising on quality or integrity.

pvc foam boards kalideck pty ltd

pvc foam boards are lightweight and easy to use pvc foam sheets. pvc foam boards’ white, smooth and uniform surfaces make it the material of choice for outstanding printing results. foam board is ideal for mount up or direct printing of your image or graphics and is the best option for display.

palight foamed pvc palram south africa

based on the knowledge and expertise accumulated during this time, palram developed a line of products to meet a variety of application needs and budgets. palight foamed pvc sheets also known as cellular pvc are significantly lighter and more cost-effective than other options such as solid pvc sheets.

pvc foam board pvc foam board products

pvc foam board. pvc foam board or oct-foam board is a rigid, light weight extruded sheet with a fine and homogeneous closed cell structure that has a smooth matte surface finish on both sides. pvc foam board has very low moisture absorption and the mixture of polyvinyl chloride and pleurae has good bond strength.

pvc foam boards

the product is an homogeneous material with a foam core made of closed cell pvcu and a surface of solid pvc material. foamboard is non-toxic, formaldehyde free, non-porous and can be used and processed using the same methods as panel products yet offers better blade life. the unique properties of pvc foamboard enables unparalleled