best way to attach 4x4 post to concreate wall

how to fasten a 4x4 post to a concrete slab hunker

you can surface mount a post that will have more than one point of support, such as a post that attaches to both a concrete slab and a covered roof, or a post that supports a handrail that's also attached to a house. post bases, typically made from metal, attach directly to the surface of the concrete. you drill into the concrete and insert concrete screws or anchors.

how do i install a flat screen tv on chimney flue - cnet

the flue seems to be concrete or some sort of white masonry. if you believe this post is offensive or violates the cnet then attach a wood frame to them to distribute the tv's weight on

do i need a anti-static wristband? - pc/mac/linux society

also, whats the best surface to build it on? i was thinking tile because it would gener do i need a anti-static wristband? but if you are working on a concrete floor and building it on a

choosing the best anchor to fasten to concrete - concrete

concrete experts provide detailed information about how to choose the best anchors to fasten to concrete. toggle menu. the rebar may get in the way when trying to place a concrete anchor deeply or it may cause problems when drilling a hole. there is special rebar cutting bits that can be used when rebar is located in areas where the anchor

tomb raider - faq/walkthrough - xbox 360 - by krystal109

continue along the path, using wall scramble to reach the ledge and pull yourself up to enter the camp for a scene. follow the survivors' trail. after getting the two-way radio and a new objective, jump toward the nearby ledge. although lara does get a slight grip, you'll be unable to keep her held on and she'll fall into the coastal forest.

how to anchor post to concrete howtospecialist - how to

in this project, we show you how to anchor post to concrete. in our case, we had to build stair railings and consequently we needed to attach post to concrete. first of all, you have to take a look on the concrete surface, as to see if it is level. if the concrete flooring isn’t level, then you have to buy adjustable post anchors.

disgaea 4: a promise unforgotten - leveling guide

introduction welcome to my power-leveling guide for disgaea 4: a promise revisited, an enhanced port of the ps3 game similarly titled disgaea 4: a promise revisited. this guide is not intended to be a walkthrough for the various maps or modes of the game, nor is it intended to explain the various systems, mechanics or features.

what's the best way to anchor 4x4 to a concrete block wall

normally this would mean i would have to dig a 5' deep hole in the ground, put a 15' post in and fill it with concrete but in my case i have decking surrounded by a 6' high concrete block wall. what is the best way to anchor attach a 4x4x10 post to a 6' high concrete block wall?