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this is not your ‘big box store’ garage floor epoxy. this is high end, 100% solids epoxy that is ideal for commercial and industrial concrete floors as well as high-end garage floor coating systems. many of our diy customers prefer the high solids kits as they are easier to install and more forgiving.

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armorclad 100% solids epoxy complete garage and basement floor coating kits armorclad is the industry’s finest epoxy floor coating system and garage floor paint available that can be legally made. formerly only available to professional installers, armorclad is now packaged and available to the public.

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5 best garage floor epoxy coating kit reviews. garage by danny. contents. the rokrez garage floor epoxy kit is definitely a solid choice to go with. ultimate guide. when it comes to home flooring, there is nowhere that needs to a more robust floor than the garage. if you need more than one container of epoxy for your floor, it is best