span tongue and groove floor

structural decking - western wood products association

structural decking also known as 'roof decking' - should not be confused with lumber intended for residential and non-residential outdoor decks. standard structural decking patterns are 2' nominal, tongued and grooved t and g and 3' and 4' double t and g products, available with vee or eased edges, to meet discriminating architectural requirements.

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2 x 6 timber decking - structural wood

2 x 6 timber decking by: structural wood systems application 2 x 6 solid timber decking by structural wood systems sws provides the it is machined with a single tongue-and-groove, a v-joint face, and is end matched allowing the use of random length pieces. the for combination simple span and two-span continuous multiply by 1.31

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3 1/2' tongue and groove floor deck plank - structural

does anyone know where i can find span tables for 3 1/2' thick tongue and groove floor deck plank . maybe a website for a manufacturer. i have googled it and have not had any luck. this is a commercial application and trying to span 4 to 6 feet.

2x6 douglas fir tongue and groove decking

with a higher structural value over other softwoods, douglas fir is able to span further, making it perfect for those who need longer lengths for exposed beams, exterior siding, building frames, or flooring. 2x6 douglas fir tongue and groove decking product specifications: