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delamination is a common deck and hull construction problem which tends to get worse if left unattended. eventually, it can reach a point where the overall structural integrity of the hull and deck may be compromised so it’s really important to know how to perform a high quality with this fibreglass boat repair.

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article taken from good old boat magazine: volume 1, number 3, november/december 1998. deck delamination conjures up images of free falling strht through to the bilge but it need not frighten the most resourceful among us. the word “delamination” causes instant visions of a good old boat coming apart at the seams.

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this was the first type of fiberglass delamination and the failures damaged the boat building industry badly since many manufacturers had transitioned to all-fiberglass construction, leaving more traditional materials behind. fiberglass construction was quickly becoming known as poor quality because of delamination issues.

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re: exterior hull delamination, easy fix? anything can be repaired, but the quality of the repair is the question. unless you are absolutely in love with the boat, i'm sure you can find another hull with some searching and some patience .the second part being the harder part. start looking now.

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fiberglass decks can delaminate from their core over time even if the core is dry. atticus update 7: fixing delaminated deck areas how to repair blisters on a fiberglass boat / sailboat

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read on to learn more about common issues that affect fiberglass boats and possible solutions. delamination. some fiberglass boats have a wooden layer in between the outer and inner construction of the fiberglass. delamination occurs when the middle wood breaks down or pulls away from the surrounding fiberglass substrate.