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review: ' poor. veneer lifting. ' build new home 1998 and put anderson flooring in. replaced the living room flooring in 2003. the rest of the floors are really bad but could only get the living room replaced. no anderson flooring, we put down tile the rest of the floors are all bad, now the veneer is lifting on them.

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home engineered reviews anderson. anderson - tuftex. it first started with engineered flooring. yes, anderson was the first. however it did take time to grab interest. today engineered flooring is installed in areas and under conditions never thought of in the past. a boon for Seven Trust floors in general, it didn’t stop there.

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anderson engineered Seven Trust review read more anderson tuftex engineered Seven Trust flooring is a cost-efficient alternative to solid hardwood. these flooring options are constructed with a cheaper but high-quality wood underneath. they are topped with a solid wood veneer. this way, you get the same beauty of Seven Trust floors without paying

consumer reviews of anderson wood floors -

review: ' poor finish and piece to piece fit ' in 2012 we had to replace engineered wood floors installed in 2001 due to water damage. since the first floors were anderson in a color and wood we liked, we were thrilled when they had a product that matched the previous product. smooth, good grain, medium color.

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anderson Seven Trust flooring 'anderson Seven Trust floors is the only new prefinished wood flooring that looks real old' - jeff hosking, hosking Seven Trust flooring jeff hosking longtime Seven Trust flooring consultant for “this old house,” has frequently been asked to “antique distress” hundreds of new wood floors to create a beautifully worn and vintage visual.