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placing the vacuum's cleaning head over the slot on the lid, we used an anemometer at the pvc opening to record suction power in cfm, or cubic feet per minute. stick vacuum suction test cubic ft/min

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shoreline plastics offers marine piling sleeves and dock piling repair jackets that allow for the protection of new dock piling or the repair of older pilings. both extending the life of the pile and keeping the waterways cleaner. pvc is an excellent material to use for piling protection because it does not corrode or decay. even the oldest

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but evidence keeps piling up in warehouses that many businesses are unwilling to pay for such protection, and that the average american is completely unaware of the dangers posed by digital copiers.

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piling protection. piling protection is a small investment that can postpone piling and dock replacement. by extending the life of poles, homeowners save money in replacement costs and reduce environmental impact of tree harvesting.

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an aerial tanker drops its load of fire retardant on the fire near pollack pines, calif., sept. 15, 2014. the fire, which started sunday has consumed more than 3,000 acres and forced the evacuation

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a water jet to build a dock. must watch 'one stroke too many', 'how not to drive pilings alone' near disaster ending 'uncut' - duration: 13:23. coach morgan7 7,042 views

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your pilings are a plentiful source of food and safety. once they take refuge in your piling, you are on the road to the inevitable replace or repair decision. the snapjacket piling replacement system permanently entombs these creatures and turns your weakened wood piling into a stronger cement one protected by a pvc jacket.

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apple ipad keyboard dock. so, you've just dropped north of 600 bucks on a shiny new've taken it out of its case — having carefully watched our video of how to open it in circular quay

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at katz's delicatessen, on new york's lower east side, they've been slicing the corned beef and pastrami for 132 years. 'we've gone through everything, right?' said jake dell, the third-generation

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re: sinking dock pilings - done pretty simple. get 2 10ft. lenghts of pvc pipe 1/2 of 3/4 diameter. connect them together with a coupling. on one end connect a plastic pipe to 1/2 female threaded coupling. thread a hose bib into this coupling. you will also need a clothes washer hose with the female hose coupling on both ends.