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rudolph the recycling reindeer is seen in one of the holiday windows at barneys new york on new york's madison avenue, friday, nov. 16, 2007. in keeping with the store's switch to eco-conscious

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solar panels that actually look nice. relish the solar panels on their homes for their eco-friendly use, many architectural connoisseurs would rather be caught dead than put the awkward

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today many people that are building or remodeling their houses choose to use eco-friendly building materials. an eco-friendly building material is one that increases the efficiency of energy used and reduces impact on human well-being and the environment.

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brazil promises the most environmentally friendly world cup, but will it deliver? it features a ring of 1,500 gleaming solar panels around the roof, new eco-lighting systems and rainwater

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10 eco building materials revolutionizing home construction. it’s true that wood is an old standard, but it is appearing in building materials in innovative new ways. there are new ways to make use of scrap material or process the wood for longevity and strength. clearly, there are eco friendly building materials becoming available at

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building designers come up with a plan for a tiny house-on-wheels with a glass wall that will allow them to view nature from the indoors. foot house with all sorts of eco-friendly features

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as the first manufacturer to offer a closed-loop recycling program, armstrong has saved over 550,000 tons of material. the ceiling-2-ceiling recycling program reduces and reuses your old ceiling tiles. all vinyl or scrim-faced mineral fiber panels offer recycled options for an eco-friendly installation project.

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each section of its rating system lists specific criteria or point modifications applicable to additions and renovations. for instance, new eco friendly homes must have sealed air ducts throughout

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not all insulation is created equal. some insulation might get an a for fire prevention, but receive fs in health and safety thanks to its chemical components. others may be easy on your energy bill but hard on the environment. here are the top 5 eco-friendly options that also protect your indoor air quality.

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reclaimed wood is an eco-friendly alternative to cutting down living trees for building materials. you can rest easy knowing that your interior design isn’t harming the environment. cork. cork is a versatile material that can be used all over your home or in commercial spaces.