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go through the doorway up here to find the boat shop. once you enter the main building, go through the door to the left of the man behind the counter. trying only gets a speech; try to again to get outside. speak with one of the construction workers to opt to get roll to work on the boat. after the cutscene, you can now get onto the boat.

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for skies of arcadia legends on the gamecube, ship battles faq by huff n puff 20. repair kits, deluxe kits, and complete kits allow you to heal damage without using magic and thus, mp and sp. delphinus fight in: the little jack, the delphinus description: a small boat with a single propeller on the back. it has a couple of secondary

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you throw the caltrops on the floor, and they lie there. if someone steps on them, they take some damage, and they will cry out in pain. rising son ----- you start the level on a boat. grab the uzi and portable medikit on the boat and ride on the boat until it begins to sink down. use the repair kit you found back at the silver key

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fiberglass boat repair kit. repair cracks and scrapes, gelcoat blisters, loose hardware, delaminated decks and panels, damaged keels and holes up to 1″ diameter in solid laminates up to ¼” thick, and smaller holes in thicker laminates.

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