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slabs and flat slabs lecture 5 19 th october 2016 usually one and two-way spanning slabs punching shear e.g. flat slabs and pad foundations 300 mm flat slab c30/37 concrete punching shear uout u1 u0 2d a few definitions: ec2 webinar - autumn 2016 lecture 5/12 solution 1. check shear at the perimeter of the column

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a 2,000-pound concrete slab is at risk of falling from the 30th floor of a building under construction, reports cbs san francisco san francisco construction site secured, but evacuation orders

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an architect i work with is looking to place a stairway to join two apartments. the building is a 1960 vintage one way slab construction. slab approx 6 inches thick. there are concrete beams at approximately 20 foot centers. the beams run east to west and the reinforcement in the slab run north south.

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although there are several different variations of two-way slabs, they can be generally described as one or a combination of three two-way systems: flat plates, flat slabs, and two-way beam-supported slabs. the selection of the most advantageous location for a floor opening depends on the type of two-way slab you're designing or evaluating.

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on-demand course: floor openings in two-way slabs. on-demand course: concrete floor and slab construction 302.1r-15 chapter 5 on-demand course: two-way slab systems: recent developments and showcases on design, analysis, construction, and evaluation methods. view all aci online learning courses on slab

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a one-way slab is considered when an aspect ratio of at least two is realized. a one-way slab will function like a beam in the short direction, continuously spanning over supports such as t-beams or walls. however, continuity will be interrupted at the proposed opening and the slab’s required design moments at adjacent spans will be increased.

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essential spreadsheet for two way slab design. this spreadsheet is an extremely efficient tool and allows to quickly design two way slabs to aci code. required

flat slab types of flat slab design and its advantages

flat slab construction can deeply reduce floor-to floor height especially in the absence of false ceiling as flat slab construction does act as limiting factor on the placement of horizontal services and partitions. this can prove gainful in case of lower building height, decreased cladding expense and pre-fabricated services.

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