concrete rail fence cost per foot

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landscape and garden calculators for android. 2x4 rails, 4x4 posts, 2x8 rot boards and 80 concrete bags from fence length, section length, picket width and of rails. =sq feet $ cost.

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the overall length of the fence is the largest cost factor. number of rails per section the number of horizontal rails between your posts will increase material costs for your project. as a preference, 3-rail fences will be a foot taller and also sturdier for longer lasting results. length of rails wooden rails are available in 8 foot

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how much does a 100-foot fence cost? if you choose to put in a lower-priced fence, such as chain link or split rail , you are looking at about $11 to $33 per linear foot. mid-range materials including concrete , vinyl, ornamental iron , or cedar privacy fencing can range between $22 and $70 per linear foot.

how much does concrete fence cost?

is the fence line on a slope; the bigger the slope, the harder it is to install. are there trees and vegetation on or near the fence line? roots, rocks, and boulders is the biggest issue there is when it comes to installing a concrete fence. how much fencing do you need? the more you need, the cheaper it gets per linear foot.

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