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i am so tempted by a big green egg. but i have a question. it may be a pretty dumb question. can i use a bge on a wooden deck? heck, can i use any charcoal/wood grill on a wooden deck? our current gas grill has died, and i would love to replace it with a charcoal/wood grill. just not sure of safet

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also, the egg gets hot enough on the bottom to scorch wood, so most folks have it up on a paver stone or something similar. safest thing is not to have any kind of grill on a wood deck, but i would say the egg is no more dangerous and possibly safer than a gasser

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and dainty enough to use to scramble just one egg -- hey, sometimes i just ain't that hungry. a large wooden spoon or spatula is almost impossible to use for one egg. sort of like using the proverbial hammer to swat a fly. so, what tools do you use to make scrambled eggs?

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oh, by the way, i have a wooden deck also, and i have all the confidence there is no issue at all with an accident. one thing the coals start burning in about five minutes, then you close the lid to get the egg up to temperature. you do all the cooking with the egg shut,adjusting the heat with the vents on top and front.

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knowledge of safety information will greatly enhance your enjoyment and safe use of your big green egg also see first timer tips. always exercise caution when using any hot cooking device, lighting charcoal, cooking with hot charcoal or handling hot cooking surfaces. the egg, cooking grid and charcoal are hot when in use do not allow children

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they are the closest to an all-in-one cooking device you can find: they grill, smoke, roast, and can even cook like an oven. using lump wood charcoal instead of traditional charcoal briquettes, kamado grills are often oval or round in shape and while traditionally made out of clay, ceramic is very common.

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some folks will deep fry food on the big green egg, but that just seems too dangerous to me. there are too many things that can go wrong and start a fire. hot grease. wood deck. near a house. that is a recipe for trouble, if you ask me. but yes, it is possible.

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i had my egg on the paved patio, but it's not exactly level so the dome kept trying to close by itself. so i moved it 3' away to the slightly raised 8' wooden deck area. i really need to figure out a way to level the pavers as i'm not comfortable with the egg on wood.

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the best kamado grills: big green egg, kamado joe, char-griller and more. is the big green egg the best kamado you can buy? to find out we pitted five kamado-style smokers against each other.

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frankly, i think gas is as potentially dangerous. any grill on a wood deck is a source of disaster. i had my gas grill catch on fire a few years before i got the egg, and because it's not airtight, i couldn't get the fire to go out. big ol gas bottle sitting next to it kinda made me fill my pampers.

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read page 2 of the need advice on big green egg discussion from the chowhound bbq smoking grilling, grill food community. join the discussion today. i cook steaks all the time at 700 using the t-rex method. oh, for a real treat, do you thanksgiving turkeys on it. a little cherry wood and it's going to come out of there looking and