double wide mobile home marriage wall

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marriage wall question - mobile home repair

marriage wall question. repair help for the do-it-yourselfer. for mobile home parts, click here. at the least you are going to have to frame the openings as you would on an outside wall with double or triple headers and jams to support the weight. mobile home repair ↳ mobile home repair ↳ decorating, landscaping and gardening

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structural walls in modular homes can be - the home store

this middle section is generally referred to as the “marriage” wall, or sometimes as the “mating” wall. because the marriage wall is really two walls joined together, it is 2 to 4 inches thicker than most interior walls in the remainder of the modular home and in site-built homes.

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my double wide mh halves are separating - mobile home

i am a real estate appraiser in eastern oregon. i have a double wide in which the owner has added a 480 square foot deck. upon inspection of the interior i noted that the marriage line has separated and that the front section of the home is tilting which is causing inside corners to be separating.

removing the marriage wall in our mobile home - rocky

removing the marriage wall in our mobile home was one of the best design choices that we have made for our home. the marriage wall in a manufactured mobile home is a structural load bearing wall. removing the the wall between our kitchen and living room created an open layout for our double wide home.

removing walls in a mobile home mobile home living

removing walls in a mobile home single wide in a single wide mobile home, there are typically very few load-bearing interior walls. in site-built construction, a wall that runs perpendicular to the roof joists may be carrying weight but that isn’t always the case with mobile homes because of their construction.

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