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timber decking in your backyard increases your entertaining area and looks great. this video from bunnings warehouse will show you step-by-step how to lay evenly spaced wooden boards, how to

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part 5 how to lay decking you can make the most of your outdoors and add real value to your home with a deck. we’ll take you through the steps involved in laying merbau decking. we’ll take you through the steps involved in laying merbau decking.

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decking: the decking is supplied in the lengths that suit your job , these are calculated as covering 150mm 145mm for the board and 5mm gap for expansion and contraction , any decks over the 5.4m long that are required are given in 4.8m lengths so there is as little joins as possible. all screws are supplies. handrails:

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discover our top tips on how to plan and lay decking with help from homebase. with our step-by-step process you can transform your garden and pick up the tools today. homebase cookies. by continuing to use our website you agree to the use of cookies to provide you with a better online experience. ok.

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if you’re happy you’ve followed all of these steps, we teach you how to lay garden decking in our 9 simple steps below. step 1: preparing the garden oversite. by now you should have completed all of your planning, during which stage you hopefully chose an ideal garden location for your deck. it’s important to properly prepare this ground

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step 1: unplug your dehumidifier . turn off your dehumidifier and unplug it. this ensures that it's safe to clean, whether you're just wiping it down quickly or spending a bit more time rinsing

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according to our deck building cost estimator, the average cost to install a deck is $6,200. however, this price assumes you’re hiring a decking contractor. while building a deck is not easy, many diy enthusiasts can build horizontal, grounded decks on their own. if you do, you could save thousands in the process.

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if you need to cut a board lengthways, do it with either a handsaw or circular saw, and place it at the area of least through traffic. then, lay your deck boards from the opposite end. it is possible to build a deck on your own, but it is much easier with a spare pair of hands, so ask a friend if they can help out. staying safe

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