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however, the new hold-down devices are required to resist lateral loads, as required by your local building code. in such a case, the devices should be used to tie the deck joists directly to the house joists. whether or not the code change applies to your project depends on whether your muni-cipality has adopted the irc’s code change.

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these versatile dtt connectors are also load rated as a holdown for light-duty shearwalls and braced-wall panel applications. for new construction or to make an existing deck code-compliant, the dtt1z can be used as a tension tie to satisfy the 2015 and 2018 irc provision for a 750 lb. lateral load connection to the house at four locations per

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while these tension devices will provide a means to resist lateral loads applied to the ledger connection, they can’t provide all the lateral load resistance needed. they do nothing to prevent the deck from deforming in the horizontal plane swaying .

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deck lateral loads the truth revealed - duration: 13:41. deck tension ties resist lateral horizontal loads - duration: 2:04. a concord carpenter / toolboxbuzz 31,606 views.

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building to resist lateral loads. these loads can result from wind or seismic forces dtt2 deck tension ties have been developed to provide versatile and cost-effective solutions for these critical connections. the dtt1z is a horizontal 2x member to their product to transfer a 1,500-pound lateral load. contact the

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