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2014 veterans day events in new york city cbs new york

show your support for our troops and what they've done for our country at these 2014 veterans day events. 2014 veterans day events in new york city for free on the flight deck of the ship

uss intrepid cv-11 - wikipedia

on 29 september, she entered the new york navy yard for her scb-125 modernization, which added an enclosed bow and an angled flight deck. after the end of the modernization in april 1957, intrepid conducted refresher training out of guantánamo bay.

san antonio-class amphibious transport dock - wikipedia

the san antonio class is a class of amphibious transport docks, also called a 'landing platform, dock' lpd , used by the united states navy.these warships replace the austin-class lpds including cleveland and trenton sub-classes , as well as the newport-class tank landing ships, and the charleston-class amphibious cargo ships that have already been retired.

u.s. navy to name ship after trenton cbs new york

new york weather: 3/15 sunday morning u.s. navy to name ship after trenton. april 11, 2013 at 3:04 pm. the ships have an aviation flight deck and can operate in shallow ports and waterways.

aircraft carrier intrepid

launched in 1943, the aircraft carrier intrepid fought in world war ii, surviving five kamikaze attacks and one torpedo strike. the ship later served in the cold war and the vietnam war. intrepid also served as a nasa recovery vessel in the 1960s. more than 50,000 men served on board intrepid during the ship's time in service, and more than 250 men made the ultimate sacrifice.

intrepid sea, air and space museum - wikipedia

the intrepid sea, air and space museum is an american military and maritime history museum in new york city with a collection of museum ships. it is located at pier 86 at 46th street, along the hudson river, in the hell's kitchen neighborhood on the west side of manhattan.

usns comfort t-ah-20 - wikipedia

a flight deck that can handle military helicopters ch-53d, ch-53e, mh-53e, mi-17, uh 60 usns comfort t-ah-20 is a mercy -class hospital ship of the united states navy . comfort ' s duties include providing emergency, on-site care for u.s. combatant forces deployed in war or other operations.

warship built with twin tower steel in nyc - cbs news

uss new york sails past ground zero; 7.5 tons of world trade center steel used on ship warship built with twin tower steel in nyc. november 2, standing on the flight deck, coming up the

flight deck at intrepid museum

today, the flight deck holds most of intrepid's collection of more than two dozen authentically restored aircraft. the flight deck is also home to our space shuttle pavilion, featuring the space shuttle enterprise. in case of inclement weather, the museum may close the flight deck and space shuttle pavilion for the safety of all visitors.

lexington-class aircraft carrier - wikipedia

flight deck arrangements. these ships were given a 866.17-by-105.9-foot 264.0 by 32.3 m teak flight deck. their hangar had a clear height of 20 feet 6.1 m and encompassed 33,528 square feet 3,114.9 m 2 . it was the largest enclosed space afloat, civilian or military, when built.

u.s. passengers evacuate quarantined - the new york times

american passengers said they were told to prepare to leave the ship at 9 p.m. local time. their flight was scheduled to depart haneda airport in tokyo at 3 a.m. on monday. taken deck by deck

1942 design light fleet carrier - wikipedia

in the original design, each ship was capable of carrying 41 aircraft. a redesign of the available parking area on the flight deck in march 1942 saw the ships' air group expanded to 24 fairey barracuda torpedo bombers and 24 supermarine seafire fighters, or 18 barracudas and 34 seafires. in rn service, the barracuda was later replaced by the fairey firefly, and the seafire was superseded by