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please ensure the spikes are fitted 6 ft> so cat has to jump on them suggest moving anything the cat can use to climb up. ensure the cats have to jump onto the spikes for them to be most effective fit on edge of fence the cat will gain access and not centre.

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the white squares hold the spikes down for a little longer than the red ones. your exit from the square is a few squares up and to the right, its not far, but getting there can be annoying. if you touch a blade near to you it will cause lara to stumble and by the time she recovers, the blades beneath her will come back up.

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say goodbye to prying paws and unwanted guests in your garden with these brilliant fence and wall spikes.if you're worried about the security of your garden from intruders and pests alike, then this could be the ideal solution.. with super simple installation and the choice to cut strips to size as you place them where you need, this really is a versatile way to ward off animal pests.

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how to keep unwanted cats out of your garden with cat fence spikes. how to keep unwanted cats out of your garden with cat fence spikes advice cat oct 28, 2017. the best pet strollers of 2017 reviewed cat dog pet reviews nov 24, 2017. what to feed a baby rabbit? amazon.co.uk, amazon.ca. we also receive compensation for products and

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doesn't work - cat still jumps on top of the fence these appear to act as kitty foot massagers more than a deterrent for my little houdini cat. i am now buying the menacing looking bird spikes as they're taller and will most likely deter my little escapee from trying to go out into the big blue world.

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comprising a strip of robust plastic spikes, this cat scarer that works is designed to fit on all surfaces and can account for uneven fences or stepped walls. all products are uk manufactured and meet strict safety legislation requirements.