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artificial plants ; window box artificial flower arrangements; window box artificial flower arrangements. for a reliably fresh display, artificial flower arrangements do not disappoint. this selection of flowers are right at home in your outdoor planters and even among other live plant life. although realistic enough to display at eye level artificial window box plants

greenboxx artificial succulent planter arrangement garden 16 pcs - faux succulents pre-made cement box artificial plant decorative fake plants for home table centerpiece, window display, wedding décor

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artificial flower arrangements for window boxes

fake flower arrangements for window boxes. make window box ideas spring to life, without water, using artificial flowers and plants. our flower arrangements are the ideal solution in hard-to-plant areas like second story windows, and under- or over-exposed parts of your home.

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have no fear of african violets. the plants also grow well with artificial grow-lights. p.o. box 249 14 mutchlet street dolgeville, ny 13329 info

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there was nothing growing in that end-of-the-window box, so we left it until we could see whether it was a weed or a nice plant. the seed had been long and black, and the stem grew tall and spindly.

filling window boxes with artificial outdoor plants

any time you are creating an artificial outdoor plant display, it is of the utmost importance to choose plants that are designed for outdoor use. you cannot use indoor silk plants in window boxes, because they will quickly fade and fall apart. all plants shown in these photos, courtesy of our vendor, commercial silk international, are infused

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outdoor rated fake plants are ideal for using in hard-to-reach places such as second story window boxes. they eliminate watering, trimming or replanting. our collection of fabricated plants and flowers are the perfect solution for small-space gardeners looking to spruce up balconies, beautify windowsill planters, and much more.