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polished concrete vs. vinyl flooring. while polished concrete and vinyl flooring are two popular options, it is still important to know which one would provide a safer and more durable surface. with that in mind, let us compare the two types of flooring and take a look at the advantages that they provide.

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decorative polished concrete offers a number of advantages that other flooring materials can't match, particularly when it comes to durability, performance and sustainability. here, we compare polished concrete floors with some of the alternatives. *source: old house web

concrete vs. luxury vinyl flooring

concrete vs. luxury vinyl flooring. the look of concrete floors is a growing trend for both commercial and residential interior environments. its popularity throughout the design community is not only due to the array of pattern and color choices concrete provides, but also for the sleek and clean aesthetic it creates within a space.

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joe pangburn, president of lakeside painting, takes you on a quick tour of a number of test samples we placed on a customer's concrete surfaces. the customer has been testing them out for over 2

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deciding on floors is a big decision and when you’ve narrowed things down, now choosing between concrete vs. vinyl plank, there’s a lot to consider.. concrete is a new trend in the home design circuit, and with good reason. with the promise of a chic, long-lasting style, many homeowners are gravitating toward this industrial option.

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