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deck screws: what size to use

you want the screw to go about halfway into the second board making sure you can't see the tip. a 8 diameter is common for decks. go with the grain. the size of the screw also depends on the grain of wood you are using for your deck. the second board getting the screw is the one you want to take note of.

what size screws should be used to install wood decking

most decking screws are 8-gauge and, while 2 1/2 inches is the minimum length needed to hold decking boards to the joists, 3-inch screws are commonly used to provide extra holding power against the upward pressure of shrinking or warping boards. specialty decking materials have different requirements.

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well i bought one from amazon and it was great, i fixed my left joycon in a few mins and since then it's been perfect. here is a link to the one i bought and it was a perfect fit and removed the screws very easily.

the fun part: installing deck boards wood. it's real

pre-drill the ends of the boards to avoid splitting using two screws where each decking board and joist intersect. your first board. choose your strhtest board to be your first piece of decking as it will go right up against the house. cut it to length and slide it up against the house about 1/8” away from the siding to allow for drainage .

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the screws on the new 3ds any help appreciated

the screws have a small washer or whatever it is called on the bottom side of the plastic - you will not be able to screw them all the way out. what is happening is you are screwing them all the way out, the washer keeps the screw from going through the bottom cover. probably a design choice so you don't lose the screws.