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deck board overhang. oneofmanybobs posted in construction techniques on june 11, 2004 07:55am putting on decking now. 2×6 t and g 1 syp pressure treated. screwed through the tongue like Seven Trust flooring. have not started to trim it to length yet and it overhangs a good 2 1/2 feet. would like to leave it a bit long and gain a few extra square

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after getting the map o magic, i've been running through old planets to get gold bolts, ratitanium, etc. looking at veldin, it appears there's a card, but it's in the 'obstacle course' from the very beginning of the game, which seems closed off.

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when installing decking boards, be sure to allow for enough overhang to cover the fascia board and whatever additional amount you prefer. a one to two inch overhang beyond the outer fascia board is sufficient. this means the installed deck boards should have at least 1.75 to 2.75” overhang before the fascia is installed.

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just imagine what would happen if you stepped on decking extended, for example, 12 inches past the last joist. however, it isn’t easy to find information on how far it is allowable to extend a board. to complicate matters, the allowable overhang — just like joist spacing — varies depending on the decking material.

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with me personally i never make a deck with less than 20 usually about 25 to 30 energy cards of the same type, but it seems at lot of the people here go for much less in their decks. another thing worth mentioning is that i don't ever do multi-element decks. i realize that in real life this would getting pwn'd fast, but that's not an issue for me in this game.

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on this deck there isn’t much you could do other than recruit beast, ifan and fane. you can also trigger fane’s romantic sequence, though how a skeleton is able to have sex is beyond me. after you’re done here go down another set of stairs to get to the lower level of the ship.

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twin-headed thunder dragon does not count as a dragon because he is a thunder type. - reki: pegasus has 3 of these in his deck and will use them when 1 you leave one or more of his cards on the field or 2 when pegasus has run out of cards to use, he will use these usually when he is at the bottom of his deck.

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screw the first deck board in place. don't worry about the 3' overhang on each side. that will be trimmed off in a later step. add all of the remaining deck boards, except the last two they will be added later . space them approximately 1/8 inch 3 mm apart. let the ends overhang approximately 3' on each side, just like the first deck board.