pricing for synthetic ice panels

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synthetic ice by hockeyshot - 1 fake ice rink surface

extreme glide synthetic ice is perfect for outdoors; all you need is a flat well maintained surface.great outdoor areas to install include the backyard, patio or park. for outdoor installations, we recommend covering your surface with a tarp when it is not being used to protect the synthetic ice panels from dirt, dust, pollen, sap from trees, bird droppings, as well as leaves.

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playing hockey in the summer heat? synthetic ice makes it

playing hockey in the summer heat? synthetic ice makes it happen. august 27, 2013 at 2:09 pm. it will cost you about $4,500. the synthetic ice itself, they said, is good for up to 10 years

the cost of building a synthetic ice rink hockeyshot

the cost of building a synthetic ice rink; with these different options, you can purchase the materials for a synthetic ice rink for prices starting at $1,230 cad for an 8’ x 20’ surface which is ⅜ of an inch thick to $6,675 cad for a ½ inch thick, 20’ x 40’ surface. the hockeyshot team wants to help as many of our customers

synthetic ice rinks and panels for hockey players smartrink

smartrink is serious about helping you understand using synthetic ice for hockey practice. we would like to work with you to help you understand how our products differ from other synthetic ice panels for hockey players. our mission is to provide the best overall synthetic ice skating experience on a synthetic hockey surface.

synthetic ice panels for sale synthetic ice tiles for

xtraice is the global leader in synthetic ice panels designed for optimal ice skating. we manufacture ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, enhanced with nanoparticles, and injected with our proprietary formula to create ice-like conditions.

pricing - global synthetic ice

we can assist with the calculation of how many synthetic ice panels are required, determining what sub-surface preparation may be needed, if our substratum is needed, anything to help you fully understand everything about super-glide and owning your own skating rink.