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any time of value deck just ends up getting outvalued due to the constant resurrects, 10 infiltrator deathrattles, and eventual hero power buffing. in terms of skill level, i've never made legend. my best was rank 1 about a year ago had some time to play during christmas break but yeah, i'm at a loss.

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for hearthstone: heroes of warcraft on the pc, a gamefaqs message board topic titled 'what type of deck should i main? *mtg playstyles inside*'.

behold, the rise of the mech new legendary incoming

the priest stuff isn't enough to pull them out of the hole. the new legendary opening up a better divine spirit inner fire type deck makes that irrelevant. every mech presenting lethal from turn 5 up is obscene. the rogue stuff doesn't matter, stormbringer doesn't matter. thunder head didn't need a buff. it was already a good card.

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ya and its kinda lame that vs says the best counter is rez priest. ive been able to farm druids waaaay better with combo priest but i really dont like playing this deck . i go all in with hot air ballons and 2 extra arms and they will literally concede on turn 4/5 without playing anything other than embiggen

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- best possible gaming pc builds for the $$$ - user info deck builders are not hearthstone or magic. you start the game with some resource cards, for ascension at least, and use those cards to get resources to get cards in the second row to kill monsters and get points. i don't have any smartphone/tablet type device so it'd have to be

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hearthstone is a fun game to be played casually, but there's no balance of any kind since the goal is to make you spend money. after you play a few matches and reach higher ranks you'll start facing decks with absurd combos against which you can do asbolutely nothing; all your cards are countered really fast and won't survive until the next turn, and you'll feel completely impotent in the

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