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i'd suggest : for the deck itself : - samurai warlords pick three of them, a special edition ra yellow pack and the staples and you're set for a deck that can win locals - the six samurai archetype, warrior-type monsters that can protect themselves from destruction and that are very good for swarming - dragons' collide same here, except for

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been wanting to use a good six samurai deck for a while now jnoble137. september 5, 2019 at 5:06 am. 11. 0. please for the love of god don’t build six sam’s like this. you don’t have to use one of every card in the archetype to make an archetype deck so many of the six sam cards are bad and drop the power of the deck. this is the first

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later, i mixed in some six samurai monsters too and it's gotten me to the end of the game. only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. i think it's in my basement let me go upstairs and check. i bought the 5ds structure deck, passworded some junk synchrons, got quillbolt hedgehog somehow don't remember if it was from

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41 cards/deck most structure decks introduce a new theme, or put a twist on an old theme, but this structure deck is designed to give duelists a jumping off point to play one of the most popular tournament decks of the past year: the six samurai the s

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here is a detailed card list spoiler for samurai warlords structure deck including all the information for each card in the set.

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the duels are as fun as ever, with over 4700 cards up to the card packs of starstrike blast, duel terminal - raid of the inverz , structure deck 19: dragunity drive, and extra pack volume 3 info from , so that means no polar gods or legendary six samurai, but there are still plenty of cards for you to play around with.

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maybe becos you were using the starter deck. go buy the structure decks, they are pretty awesome. and rework your starter deck and you can beat him easily without cheating with ar codes. 6 samurai decks are only irritating when they start to get more than 1 on the field. i used whichever cards i could mix and match and ran simple beatdown deck.

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samurai warlords structure deck is a structure deck in the yu-gi-oh trading card game tcg . it is the twenty-second deck in the tcg's structure deck series, following dragons collide structure deck. and finally, on june 26 we’re coming out with another new idea a whole new take on structure