can a propane fire pit go on a solid deck

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propane deck fire pits have an advantage over traditional wood burning fire pits in terms of both convenience and safety. propane pits are far less of a fire hazard because they do not give off sparks, and their bases do not heat up nearly as much as the bases of wood burning fire pits. therefore, they can be safely used on wooden decks.

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the do’s and don’ts of using a fire pit on a wooden deck

alternatively, you can save your fire pit ashes to use as garden compost, insect repellent or other purposes. for a list of 10 everyday uses for fire pit ash, check out our previous blog post here. don’t place your fire pit directly on the wooden deck. avoid placing your fire pit directly on your deck or other wooden surfaces.

can i put a fire pit on my wood deck?

fire pits can be heavy, especially if they require a stone base. once you have checked the manufacturer requirements and found the right fire pit for your deck, you may need to find out if the deck is strong enough to support the added weight. follow these steps to determine if your deck can handle the weight of your fire pit:

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using propane or any other type fire pit, safety is primary. now you can decorate it, as you like, according to your backyard design. add some gravel, rocks or outdoor furniture. so, can you put a propane fire pit on a wooden deck? yes, of course but you are to use the protective accessories and follow all the essential safety precautions

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the first question you need to ask yourself is whether your decking is suitable for any gas pit you might wish to buy. one of the first considerations will be whether your deck is big enough for the size or model of outdoor fire pit you are considering.. there needs to be adequate space so that when the fire pit is lit, people can get past it with having to go too close to the flames.

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