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the robomow diaries: weather thwarts inaugural mow. we take a robotic lawnmower for its first cut through a cnet editor's front yard. but a rainy few days in louisville, ky., might have kept the

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soak the bender boards in water and gently bend them to conform to the stakes and the curve. nail them to the stakes, cut the stakes off at a 45-degree angle, and cover with soil as before. brick: a brick edging is fairly easy. dig a trench slightly wider and as long as the edging you need to install.

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lawn header board edging covers the advantages and key points of using synthetic wood products for lawn edging. for more please watch the video. to learn more about this and many other landscape

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how to install bender board edging, three words at a time. lay it out a hose can be a handy tool for laying out your curves. for strht lines, stringing a chalk line or finding a long strht board can help you plan where your bender board edging will go. for any installations that involve curves, my preferred layout tool is a nice, rubbery

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how to install plastic landscape edging around a planting bed. cut off 4' on the top edge and overlap the pieces to prevent expansion movement for long runs add stakes periodically to the edging to

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dig a trench around the edge of the bed to the depth of the edging boards; be sure to keep weeds and other unwanted grass out of the area by using edging tools, either electric or hand-operated. don't worry if you don't own all of the tools needed to install landscape edging in your own yard. rent tools and trucks for any project at the

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- tap and hold to copy - swipe to the right from the left edge to show the menu - swipe to the left to hide the menugo ahead and give it a try - we don't think you'll be disappointed best vpn

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you're browsing the gamefaqs message boards as a guest. sign up for free or log in if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, is it on the beach where the river meets the ocean or on the edge of the grass? user info: homie 202. homie 202 1 week ago 2. the areas that lead from the river

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bender board fail along artificial grass edge due to poor installation. bender board trim for artificial grass. well built, a bender board edging can provide distinct lines between the artificial grass and garden or walkway materials. available in a variety of colors and materials, we typically specify no less than a 2 inch wide by 4 to 6 inch

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how to install plastic lawn edging. plastic lawn edging is used to distinguish a garden bed from the rest of a lawn, making your garden look neat and tidy to place the lawn edging, dig a trench around the garden bed and cut away any

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by wonderedge; in turf edging; tags artificial lawn border, artificial turf edging, synthetic grass edging, turf edging; bender board alternative for turf edging. when it comes to artificial turf installation, seams and edging are what separate the pros from the bros. keeping a close eye on the gauge width dimension of the fiber rows is crucial for seams that stay invisible without rupturing.

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i'm not sure if it looked worse but i'll never forget walking on the field before a game in the early 70's and there was a huge bump-up in the middle of the field so that it gave the huskers more