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occassional spray over the side at slower speed. i was able to run 50-60 and felt comfortable at that speed in the rough water. laveys are a little deeper with free board and a true 28' centerline 30.5 to the back of the swim step. i do not consider deck boats in general as good all around rough water boats though thats what a big v is for.

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the deck boat was born a bath-tub style tri-hull with a rectangular card-shaped deck plan. from those 1960s models, deck boats have evolved into sleek party platforms with sweeping lines. most deck boats, though, are still built on some variation of the tri-hull plan with more width and depth farther forward.

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a massive new boat with a renegade captain discovers the crab are all in one spot hours before king season. arctic storms aren't the only cause for rough seas. the saga's deck boss stabs

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the u.s. coast guard was advising boaters on the san francisco bay to be prepared for rough winds and high seas thursday. the best looks from the 62nd to the water if stormy conditions

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pontoon in rough water. heading in from the gulf to sanibel pass. florida sportsman best boat - pontoon boats, family fun and ready to fish - duration: 23:29.

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if you’re searching for the perfect family boat, you may have run across a question that lots of folks have asked—what’s the difference between a deck boat and a bowrider? boat manufacturers have gone to great lengths to blur the lines between bowriders and deck boats, but there are still discernible differences. either model is a good choice for a family boat, but those differences, and

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a good planing boat has to be able to run well in all directions to the sea. a moderately sharp entry and generous deadrise with high chine elevation in the forward half of the hull allows the boat to keep running at high speed in rough water without pounding passengers into submission.

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how to choose the best-riding boat. that’s a rough ride. and it has happened to all of us, so let’s be honest. not every boat can provide a soft, smooth ride in snotty conditions, no matter what the glossy brochures say. it involves the weight of the boat and the water plane area. the lighter the boat is, and the greater its water