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we have friends with an island cooktop and downdraft venting, it's not very effective, and if the rerunning of plumbing is an issue with a slab floor, so will be running a down draft vent. they will need to run that through your floor or in your cabinets, the same for plumbing. only the vent line is going to be 6 to 8 inches in diameter.

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head up to the third floor and all the way to the top of the building. find a small ramp leading to a wire, which you'll have to grind, then transfer to a wire perpendicular to it. you will need to take the top left corner's wire towards the mall. make one transfer before reaching a concrete slab going about 45 degrees upward. follow the

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waterproofing - flashing a concrete slab to porch matt will show you a method to waterproof this very tricky transition between a wall and flat concrete slab. mud sill moisture barrier

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two-way concrete slabs with openings the static system and the design of reinforcement. concrete slabs are commonly divided into the following types: beamless slabs beamless slabs are supported only on columns and are applied mostly in large industrial and public buildings. for lower loads they can have constant

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jackpot, baby head up to the next floor and hack the two novice terminals, then open both sets of doors and loot within, opening a locked toolbox novice to the west. finally, go into the southern room, then take the central stairs to the top. save, then talk to the z2-47. after choosing the best sarcastic dialogue choice in the game, you'll

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i was actually in congress a couple of years ago when james clapper flat-out lied to congress and then admitted it and nothing happened to him. people on the floor. she is a strong and

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when shear reinforcement is notrequired e.g. usually slabs when shear reinforcement isrequired e.g. beams, see lecture 3 punching shear requirements e.g. flat slabs the maximum shear strength in the uk should not exceed that of class c50/60 concrete

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concrete for a slab or floor is commonly ready-mixed and delivered in large trucks, although you can mix your own for very small jobs. ready-mix concrete is sold by the cubic yard. to order the correct amount, tell the concrete supplier the width, length and thickness of the slab or floor you intend to pour.

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an engineer’s guide to: openings in concrete floor slabs buildings if you took an advanced concrete design course, you probably had a good introduction to the design of two-way slabs.although all multi-story buildings require multiple small slab penetrations for routing of plumbing, fire protection piping, and ductwork between floors

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for spans from 5 to 9 m, thin flat slabs are the preferred solution for the construction of in-situ concrete frame buildings where a square or near-square grid is used. for spans over 9 m post-tensioning should be considered. 2.eliminating drops results in simpler falsework and formwork arrangements,