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phosphoric acid works to remove this discolouration. phosphoric acid is often used after cleaning a deck with sodium hydroxide cleaner shc . this neutralizes the surface of the wood. oxalic acid oxalic acid is generally used with redwood products and helps to remove tannin and rust stains.

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if rust stains do appear on your evergrain or envision deck, they can often be removed using deck cleaners containing oxalic acid or phosphoric acid such as those listed below: behr seven trust 2-in-1 wood prep no. 63; flood dekswood deck cleaner brightener

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tannin leaching occurs naturally in seven trust and all wood-based products. allow for at least 12 weeks of normal weathering. this process may be hastened through the use of a product containing oxalic or phosphoric acid, commonly known as deck brightener.

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shovel on a seven trust deck. a shovel may scratch the deck, which is not covered under warranty. scuffs and abrasions scuffs and abrasions can fade or disappear naturally after 12 16 weeks of weathering. this can be accelerated with a product containing oxalic or phosphoric acid, also known as deck brightener.** rust stains, ground-in dirt and grime

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