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you need to shoot two red circles on the ship's bridge tower so you can keep going past it. soon afterwards, you'll have to blast two circles on either side of a cruiser to open the hangar doors so you can pass through. after some more flying, you'll finally come up on grievous' ship, the invisible hand.

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tilted ship. go through this area, then to the ledge on your left. there are several spots you can force for studs, but your first obstacle is a bunch of steam jets blocking your path. have artoo go through them and activate the panel on the other side so everyone can get through, then have him hit the panel at the end of the room. bridge

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you'll fight him for a little bit, here. shoot him as he jets around to drain his hearts, then follow him back out of the room. he'll operate a green circle, so follow him through that. keep tailing him until the end of the corridor. fett will take off in his ship, slave i, leaving you behind, but at least you'll find artoo.

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the ht-2200 was a medium freighter from corellian engineering corporation which was intended to capitalize on the popularity of the yt-1300. ht-2200s had a significantly larger cargo capacity than any yt-series vessel. they also had a stronger hull and greater baseline armament than the smaller

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personally, i don’t care for that one. since i started playing the game, i’ve found a number of additional deck plans for the yt-2400, most of which i think are better than the one i found on wookieepedia. some of the other ships on wookieepedia might also have deck plans, but you’d have to check them all independently.

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----- ===== using this guide usesof ===== this guide gives somewhat detailed descriptions on where to find the blue mini kits in the challenge mode of lego star wars: the complete saga the guide is broken up by episodes and chapters with listings of the 10 kits in as close to as i can the order you find the kits.

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barge deck. all right. you've got leia back, and your largest party yet. make your way across the deck, taking out all the enemies. as you progress you can uncover a box behind the nearest mast, which you can push along its intended path. there's another box on the right side of the big modules on the deck of the ship.

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xs stock light freighter by danielhasenbos on deviantart - star wars ships - ideas of star wars ships - part of my star wars ships of the old republic series recently i've been working on a deck plan for a vessel form the old republic video game; the corellian defender-class light corvette.

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there have been a lot of star wars rpgs over the years ffg/ saga edition / d20 edition/ weg d6, etc , and with those books, and some of the rpg resource websites, and a few groups that create deck plans for ships for fun, you can usually find most of the usual ships and a few atypical ones. oh i forgot video games, like kotor and swg and tor also have a few schematics for ships and

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secret plans lego star wars: the complete saga true jedi at 28,000: should be no prob, bob, especially if you blow all the walls out of the ship. story - data room. you start in the data room on the ship. assemble both piles to open the door leading out. you can play with the lever on the left wall to get some silver studs infinitely, if

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star wars deckplans alliance “ no set of rules can cover every situation. it's expected that you'll make up new rules to suit the needs of your game — create whatever rules you need to make your game fun and exciting for the player. — “the star wars roleplaying game”, second edition, revised and expanded, p. 69