do i need special paint for a composite door

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a composite door has a a plastic skin reinforced with glass. i have seen recommendations to look at the types of paints used on fibreglass boats or even cars, or to wipe over with white spirit first or to use an extra-grip primer; even that you can just rub it down to get a key to hold gloss paint.

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i have a composite door which is slightly damaged and as such requires painting. has anyone on here ever painted a composite door and if so what paint did you use inc primer presumably ? from my searching it seems that the point of composite doors is the fact you don't have to paint them. that said mine needs to be painted due to being scuffed.

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can you paint composite doors? upvc doors are easier to maintain as they do not need to be stained or painted. compared to wood, however, upvc doors do not look as classy because of their “plastic” appearance. with their thick frame, they tend to sport a rather “narrow” facade.

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all you need is a folded piece of foil to cut through a few times. hop on the accent-colored door trend without also having accent-colored doorknobs. wrap your doorknobs and locks in foil

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when we bought our house it had new windows and a green composite door never been a fan of the green and after painting the house want to paint the door black and replace brass furniture with silver now how do i go about painting the door and what are the best products/where can i get them thanks for any help

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electroluminescent paint. the tesla projector light can be installed in place of the puddle lights that are on the side of the door panels. many tesla owners feel the need to upgrade the