make a plant pot from decking

build a planter from decking - youtube

give those plants a good home by building a planter from decking - lush did someone say 'summer'? visit the official b and q youtube channel. here you'll find the ideas and know-how you need to make

how to grow vegetables without a backyard - cnet

with a container garden, i can make use of what little outdoor space i have to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs. container gardening, simply put, is growing plants in containers or pots

pot plant, and plant pot - dragon quest builders 2 message

i’m trying to make a chill out room, which calls for the “potted plant set and potted flower set , 2 of each. i get the plant pot plus putting a flower on top gives you one of those, but wtf is the other one? the item called “pot plant” doesn’t suffice, and i’ve tried putting it on a table etc and nothing. so i’m kind of at a

pot plants on the patio or decking make a colourful

pot plants on the patio or decking make a colourful display cheerfully flowering containers full of plants on the patio or decking mean you can enjoy the fabulous colour they bring all spring and summer long. even when the weather isn’t great, it will still look sunny and cheerful with these abundantly flowering plants

diy: make brilliant raised wooden planters from decking

how to make a versailles planter - a modern take on the traditional, p1 046 diy building and installing deck railings and planters - duration: 18:28. home renovision diy 42,286

top 6 mosquito repellent plants to keep pests away cbs

top 6 mosquito repellent plants to keep pests away or on a deck or balcony where you spend a lot of time outdoors. and can be planted in the ground or kept in large pots. citronella plants

does using cayenne pepper and red pepper - chowhound

for the past year i've had success simply sprinkling red pepper flakes around the plants and sometimes on the leaves as well. for citrus trees in pots, i scatter it around the base of the plants, for tender annuals lettuce i do both the surrounding soil and the new baby plants.

6 gardening tips you'll wish you'd known all along - cnet

plenty of plants are happy grown in a pot as part of a container garden. if you have an outdoor balcony, you can grow tomatoes, green beans and other plants that require a bit more space and lots

fishing line plant hangers??? - gardening - chowhound

this is an inside garden question ..does anyone know where i can get the fishing line plant holders that were big in the 70's? they usually had a plexiglass square piece the base to hold the plant, suspended by what seemed to be, to me, polyester fishing line.

11 deck vegetable garden ideas to grow more in less space

first, make a 2 inches layer for drainage by adding gravel or small rocks in the bottom, then add potting soil and plant your favorite herbs. create an opening in mason jar lids for plants to come out or else simply remove the lids . attach the mason jars to the shutter/board using hose clamps.