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vinyl pvc fencing also typically is hollow in the center, except for posts which may have wood or metal reinforcement in the center. this makes it lightweight yet durable and less expensive than composite fencing. composite fencing, meanwhile, is a dense board which makes it durable and less susceptible to damage such as cracking or chipping.

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and the price gap between pvc and natural wood has now been reduced, with costs fairly comparable. but while pvc is very durable and immune to rot, it needs regular cleaning. and even the best pvc fencing products will not be as elegant as natural wood or wood-composite fencing.

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i discovered how to do it purely by accident. i happened to have my metal house key grasped between my index finger and thumb and just happened to touch the metal chain link fence. it was at night and besides a audible 'pop' there was the electric arc visible just before the point of the key touched the metal fence.

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what are the differences between vinyl and composite fences?

what are the differences between vinyl and composite fences? when you’re getting ready to build your fence, the first thing you should think about is what materials you are going to use. while real wood might be your first thought, there are plenty of other options you should consider before moving forward with your building plans.

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you can get metal fencing, cast iron fencing, wood fencing, vinyl fencing, or composite fencing. two of the most popular types of fencing are vinyl and composite. both are preferable over wood as they are more durable and have other added benefits, but there are some similarities and differences between them. here’s what you need to know.

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this is the key influencing factor in why people choose composite fencing you don’t need to look after it aside from the occasional hose down there’s also the added benefit of most of these types of fences having a 20 year warranty. this kind of fence isn’t affected by insect populations and it’s weather resistant.