over the rail planters

tony hawk's american wasteland - faq/walkthrough

grind left along the rail for the s. k: jump off the wire before the corner and quarter turn left to see the k. jump forward from the quarter pipe into the room to collect the k. a: jump out of the room and quarter turn right. jump over the rail to land in the dam section and go left.

tony hawk's pro skater - transfer list - playstation - by

rail 2 rail transfer apparently, there are at least 4 different ways to score this blue at the school. the first one is probably the simplest. as you go down the handi- capped ramp rail, ollie over to the ledge on the left. the others are more complicated. i know of 3 all in the same area.

tony hawk's pro skater 2 - gap list - nintendo 64 - by

21 rail 2 ledge near the over the lil' 4 gap, if you grind the rail and jump up to the ledge in the same transition, you'll get the gap. 22 ledge 2 rail near the over the lil' 4 gap, if you grind the ledge instead of jumping down the stairs, you can catch the rail in the same line, getting the gap in the process.

tony hawk's pro skater - faq/walkthrough - nintendo 64

to get this gap you have to launch onto to grind along the top of the sign. rail to rail transfer ----- there are two ways of doing this gap: this gap is near the ditch. grind along the planter, jump over the ditch, and carry on grinding along the other planter.

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the included fasteners help stabilize the planter over the rail. longer planting area this rail planter measures 24' lengthwise and accommodates twice the amount of plants as a normal-sized rail planter. the wider planting area also allows you to cover more space over your balcony rails.

tony hawk's pro skater 2 - faq/walkthrough - game boy

rail x-ing - if you grind the ledge near the lil' 3 and ollie over the lil' 3 and the rail then you will get the gap. rail 2 ledge - use the curved rail in the bottom left of the level and ollie onto the small ledge to get this gap. ledge 2 rail - do the opposite of the above to obtain this gap.

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over 4,000 pounds of drugs found in tunnel under border; hawaii natives want their kingdom back. a group of sugar planters and other businessmen, most of them americans, overthrew the