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sidelap connectors verco decking vsc2 , or sidelap connection . interlocking or verco plb interlocking steel deck panels complying with table 3. esr-2776 most widely accepted and trusted page 2 of 19 = steel deck panel base-metal thickness, inch or mm as set forth in table 5. w = panel width, inches or mm.

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12 vr4 verco decking, inc. sidelap connections verco roof decks are to be fastened at the sidelaps by one of four meth- ods: vsc2s made with the punchlok ii tool, 1½ in. long top seam welds, button punches, or 10 x ¾ in. long screws.

b deck stitch screw sidelap: verco hsb-36-ss - metal deck

b deck with a stitch screw sidelap is strong, light weight, economical, and easy to install. verco hsb-36-ss stands for high shear b deck 36' wide with stitch screw sidelap. this type of metal roof deck is designed to be screwed at the sidelap and not welded.

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also known as an interlocking seam.. adjacent steel deck panels interlock with one another during installation. how interlocking side-lap joints work: steel deck panels have a male and female side edge.

the most common metal deck sidelap types and connections

the metal deck profile is the same for stitch screw and standard interlocking sidelaps, however, the stitch screw sidelap is made with a shortened male leg and an extended female leg. they interlock and are connected with a screw gun using minimum 10 x 3/4-in. long tek screws without a washer.