concrete fence post extension

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need to know how to extend bluetooth range for headset i am living in an apartment building with 12' thick reinforced concrete outer walls, and 6' reinforced concrete inner walls with 12

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19 posts - collapse expand hotels and others deploy across floors there are reasons why you often can't penetrate floors such as rebar in concrete makes a faraday cage. tried extension

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extending concrete fence posts to add trellis screwfix

the problem is that the old posts may not be in that deep and could be made without any reinforcing in them. so if you extend the height, in high winds it may snap or topple over. old style fence concrete posts used to have holes in them for wire but you use could also use them to fix timber to. fence post extender

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wiring ethernet in existing home by 7 posts - collapse expand details if you've got a couple of inches of separation between the drywall and concrete block, you might be able to use a

extending concrete posts for fence panels

extending concrete posts for fence panels?? they are the type where the fence panels 'slide' into the concrete support posts on either side. the problem is the support posts are only 4 ft high ,so we cant get away with sliding in a 6 ft panel .

intermediate fence post extension pressure treated

the cost effective solution is to use fence post extensions, considering that the concrete fence posts are still in good condition. simply slide the oversized panels into the existing concrete posts and then slot the post extension inbetween the panels onto the concrete post. note - 4ft post extensions are made to order.