how to cover exterior wall vapor

what happens when you put a plastic vapor barrier in your

a vapor barrier's job is to keep water vapor in humid air from diffusing through one side of a wall and finding a cool surface inside the wall. when a vapor barrier is on the side of a wall where the dry air is i.e., outside in winter or inside in summer , moisture problems can occur. a vapor barrier reduces the movement of water vapor by

should i install a moisture barrier behind drywall in

increasing your wall thickness to facilitate 6in insulation is a fine idea, can't hurt. a vapor barrier of 4 mil plastic with taped seams should always be installed between the insulation and drywall. this will stop moisture from the outside from penetrating the back of the drywall and conversely, humidity from inside collecting in the insulation.

do i need a vapor barrier? certainteed

do i need a vapor barrier? if you are adding an exterior wall, anywhere in the house, and you answered yes, to either of the above questions you should consider using a vapor retarder. vapor retarder use and placement. in certain climates vapor retarders can be a vital part of the wall construction. however incorrect use can lead to

where to install a vapor barrier in a bathroom hunker

because of moisture, bathrooms are some of the primary areas of your home at risk of mold and mildew development. it is important to make sure that a proper vapor barrier or vapor retarder is installed on the walls in your bathroom whenever you're building or remodeling.

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how to install a shower wall vapor barrier

be careful when installing the barrier because its improper use might cause additional moisture problems. placing a vapor barrier around the shower wall will ensure a long lasting installation, but only if installed properly. apply the barrier and then install cement boards to complete the wall. do not use drywall or greenboard over the vapor

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learn the easiest way to seal up an old house from drafts and keep your renovation from having moisture problems with a vapor barrier. this youtube channel was designed to help homeowners tackle

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how to use plastic as a vapor barrier in the walls home

the standard installation of a plastic vapor barrier is between the studs and the drywall, but there are some exceptions to this. in exterior walls that are below-grade, like basement walls

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vapor barriers are essential to help keep unwanted, potentially damaging moisture from seeping into your home. when building or remodeling a house you should install a vapor barrier on the warm side of the wall. this means if you run the heat most of the year, install the vapor barrier over the wall

framing basement walls against concrete and how to steer

it’s advised to run a vapor barrier, just to make sure you don’t get any moisture issues after finishing. by the way, you need a thermal insulation on top of that too. most jurisdictions require a 4-mil plastic sheet vapor barrier for basement walls against concrete. that is if the studs are going to touch the concrete wall.

what happens when you put a plastic vapor barrier in your

the cool surface is the sheathing, assuming no exterior insulation. if water vapor diffuses or infiltrates into the wall cavity and finds the cool surface, moisture problems can occur. of course, you can have moisure problems here even without the exterior vapor barrier because of what bill rose calls the rule of material wetting.

vapor barrier installation tips and recommendations

the exterior face of the wall or floor cavity should remain permeable in order to allow dissipation of any moisture that does enter the wall cavity. very hot and humid climates may benefit from an exterior vapor barrier that keeps outside humidity from penetrating into walls.

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