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floor joist bridging is critical to the structural strength of a floor, as shown in figure 1. proper bridging distributes the load on the floor to other joists and over time prevents floors from sagging and squeaking do to floor joists twisting and warping.

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bridging allows each joist to share weight with its neighbors and can cut “deflection”—how much the joists flex—by half. even if your floor already has a row of bridging running down the center, you can stiffen it substantially by adding two more rows. the catch, of course, is that the bouncy floor joists must be accessible from below.

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ask a carpenter: tips for building a kids’ play area in pittsburgh. use proper tools used to cut the wood and an area that is free and away from obstacles for safety. joists, beams and

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i just watched an episode of 'ask this old house' which dealt with cross bridging between wood floor joists of a house. tom silva explained that the cross bridging transferred the load on the joist to the other joists, thus strengthening the floor.

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from a structural perspective, you are correct: solid blocking and metal or wood x-type bridging do accomplish the same task. the blocking or bridging between joists or rafters also contributes to this phenomenon. for example, with bridging installed between joists, a piano leg sitting over one 2×10 is actually supported by several.

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floor joist bridging vs blocking properly installed wood x bridging tightens as the joists shrink, to the degree that i've seen the bottom of the joists get a slight crook in them from the bridging. when a point load is applied above, there is no deflection of the joists before load sharing occurs. roller shutter installing at 1st ready

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