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climb the ladder outside here and grab the roof tiles from the red chest. now head onto the roof and place the roof tiles in their correct places, it's pretty obvious what piece fits where. once done, open the chest that has just opened to learn how to make roof tiles, then head w over the mountain and you will see another building.

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slate roofing used as exterior wall finish, an architectural masterpiece. there are many types of roofs to choose from, as well as exterior wall finishes. this project done by austin roofing

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our exterior slate wall cladding such as custom slate wall panels, slate shingles or slate bricks are specified by architects for many of the same reasons slate is the best roofing material a low absorption rate and resistance to staining, freeze-thaw cycles or other extreme environmental conditions.

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examples of natural slate exterior cladding. we’ve applied natural slate exterior cladding onto countless homes, hotels, schools, and many other buildings. you can see some examples of what this looks like below. exterior slate siding on a home. slate wall cladding on hotel la ferme. golden gate park murphy windmill with slate wall

natural slate cladding: the perfect solution for

slate cladding panels are the perfect solution for both exterior and interior walls. the natural properties of this outstanding material make them one of the best cladding systems in the market. contemporary architects consider natural slate cladding an optimal material for building. thanks to its high performance, its low maintenance and durability, slate tiles have …

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as the brochure says, 'the roof is red gravel, and from above, the house looks like a railway train that stopped on a bridge for a while, hardly touching the site.' doorway and stone wall

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slate effect cladding. slate effect cladding is made to provide a roofing sheet that has the appearance of natural slate but has the advantage of a modern lightweight and amazingly strong building material. the sheet is .7mm gauge, pvc coated and is extremely easy to fit. it is ideal for low pitch roofs as it can go as low as 15 degrees.

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an innovative approach to stone cladding. stone cladding adds design elegance and longevity to a building, with the important indirect benefit of very low maintenance. consider that no painting or staining is needed with slate cladding either at the time of installation or at any time over the life of the cladding itself.

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guillotined stone is mainly used for house building and mortared garden walls. this product is usually supplied in bed widths of 100mm 125mm and 125mm 150mm. b ed heights and lengths vary. the stone is not worked to form finished rectangular blocks, so some dressing may be required on site.

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cladding a roof with caithness slate the slates used so far came off of the roof before the wall was rebuilt. new slate roof installation at the srca conference by the