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cantilever retaining walls: overview of the design process

competent design of retaining walls can maximize land use and substantially increase property value. this article discusses the required steps in the design of either concrete or masonry un-piled cantilever retaining walls. our software asdip retain will be used to support the discussion.

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reinforced concrete cantilever retaining walls are recommended for heights up to 7 m. this type of walls has vertical stem monolithic with the base. a slender section can be used in this retaining wall the tensile stresses within the stem and the base is resisted by steel reinforcement.

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concrete: cdot concrete class d concrete compressive strength f'c = ksi concrete unit weight γc = kcf bridge rail type 7 type 7 bridge rail weight w rail = klf center of gravity from wall back face x c.g. = in. see bridge worksheet b-606-7a appendix a example 11 - cast-in-place concrete cantilever retaining wall 13.33

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recommended stem designs for reinforced cantilever retaining walls with no surcharge are contained in tables 1 and 2 for allowable stress design and strength design, respectively. these design methods are discussed in detail in allowable stress design of concrete masonry, tek 14-7a, and strength design of concrete masonry, tek 14-4a refs. 5, 6 .

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n cantilever retaining walls these walls cantilever vertically from the concrete footing and typically resist overturning by the mass of the soil/material on the heel of the footing figure 3. within these three categories a number of different and innovative concrete retaining wall types are available. some manufacturers offer technical

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the addition of reinforcement to concrete masonry greatly increases the tensile strength and ductility of a wall, providing higher load resistance. in cantilever retaining walls, the concrete base or footing holds the vertical masonry wall in position and resists overturning and sliding caused by lateral soil loading.