how far apart should the stair stringers on a deck be

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- click on this link if you're looking for free stair building advice. watch this video to learn how to figure out, how many stair stringers you will need, while using three-quarter inch plywood

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i get asked this question a lot, how many stair stringers do i use when building a set of stairs? these questions are actually easy to answer and with a little bit of common sense and the ability to read a tape measure effectively, i should be able to give you a clear explanation that will provide you with the answers that you are looking for.

how to lay out deck stair stringers

deck stair stringers spacing . the load supporting requirements for stair treads are more severe than for the rest of the deck because the force exerted by a person walking downstairs is a more intense blow to the surface than a standard stride across a level surface. because of this, you should never space your stair stringers more than 16

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a set of stairs may need even more stringers if the width of the stairs exceeds 72 inches to ensure that the stringers are no more than 36 inches apart. these stringers should be strong enough so that a person walking on any part of the tread, in the middle or on the sides, will feel no difference in tread stability.

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learn more about deck safety and what to look at when inspecting a residential deck. residential deck safety and inspection checklist. june 22, 2012 at 4:43 pm particularly at deck. ledger

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when people walk up a deck, they exert much more force on the stairs than they do on the deck surface itself. because stringers support some of this force, they cannot be spaced too far apart from each other. for a normal deck step, two stringers should be placed no more than 16 inches away from each other.