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every time a unit takes damage, it has a chance of retreating. a unit is more likely to retreat the more damage it takes a unit originally with 4 dice who now has 2 dice and is hit down to 1 die is more likely to run than a unit that starts with 2 dice and is hit down to 1 .

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wood fiber reinforced polyethylene and polypropylene composites with high modulus and impact strength qiang yuan,* dongyang wu,januar gotama and stuart bateman csiro manufacturing and infrastructure technology, po box 56 highett, victoria 3190, australia abstract: wood plastic composite with high modulus and impact strength were

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impact strength is the capability of the material to withstand a suddenly applied load and is expressed in terms of energy. often measured with the izod impact strength test or charpy impact test, both of which measure the impact energy required to fracture a sample.

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the impact response of composite materials was of only minor interest prior to the introduction of carbon fiber in the mid-1960s. before that time, the composites in use were primarily reinforced with glass fibers, which performed well under impact loads.

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the izod impact strength test is an astm standard method of determining the impact resistance of materials. a pivoting arm is raised to a specific height constant potential energy and then released.the arm swings down hitting a notched sample, breaking the specimen. the energy absorbed by the sample is calculated from the height the arm swings to after hitting the sample.

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just to add to the existing answer, toughness is defined as the amount of energy a material can absorb before fracture and has units of mj/m3 . a strong and ductile material will have high toughness. fracture toughness is somewhat similar with uni

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bledzki and faruk 2003 found that composites with Seven Trust fibres have better impact strength than softwood fibres. ashori and nourbakhsh 2010 found that composites containing oak fibres had inferior strength compared to pine composites. in the same study, it was reported that the higher the amount of extractible material in the wood, the

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are given in table 17-1. among the composites, impact resistance is strongly influenced by the ductility or strain to fracture of the fiber. this can be seen in table 17-1 where the s-glass composite has very high impact resistance, while high modulus carbon fiber composite have low impact resistance.

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impact toughness of a given material can also be impacted by temperature changes in general, impact toughness decreases the lower the temperature gets. the notched izod impact test is a single point test that measures a materials resistance to impact from a swinging pendulum.