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i have tried cabots, intergrain and feast watson brands in the natural decking oil finish and found that these would leave my decking much darker than desired, and any excess is clearly visible if allowed to dry. the british paints natural decking oil an oil based product, unlike some of the others, and it is quite thin.

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british paints can help keep your decks, trims and wooden furniture in tip-top shape with our excellent range of stains, varnishes and oils. keep your deck, trim and wooden furniture looking fresh and stylish with our complete range of stains, varnishes and oils. oil based. water based. products attachproductwidget p

british paints decking oil

british paints decking oil paint and varnish : 3.6 out of 5 stars from 22 genuine reviews on australia's largest opinion site

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british paints decking oil 3.0 from 52 reviews. latest review: traditional oil that leaves the wood popping and looking strong and clean. job can be done in a day when first coat goes down in the morning. use this over aquadeck. review summary; finish quality. 3.7 3

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british paints why do other oil based decking oils have recoat times of 2 hours? i'm just really interested in the formula of ingredients and the science about it. is it tung oil in this product? is the long recoat time because of it having more kerosene of turpentine than other products?