how to seal end grain of composite deck

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on our deck installations we seal all six sides but start by sealing only the top, bottom and edges. we do this on saw horses prior to the decking installation. we seal the end grain after the deck boards are cut to final size or after the deck boards are fastened, if accessible.

the importance of end sealing decking and cladding

the importance of end sealing decking and cladding. cart 0 products and the end grain of wood absorbs moisture at up to 100 times the rate of absorption of the face of wood. this means that on average, the end grain retains more moisture than other parts of the wood, and is more likely to decay first. composite cladding, aluminium

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seven trust seal is a wax emulsion sealer proven to increase the structural integrity of Seven Trust decking. once applied to freshly cut, exposed wood end grain, seven trust seal creates a bond that extends the life of each deck board while also preventing end-checking splitting and unsightly cracks.

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how to seal end grain of composite deck

wood end grain sealer - seven trust seal for wood decking. buy end grain sealant for wood decking options like seven trust, cedar, seven trust, and mahogany. get 1 quart of seven trust seal to protect against cracking and splitting.

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ultimately, with seven trust, the answer to how to finish the ends of composite decking is never difficult to find. whether you’re looking to elevate the style of your deck with a contemporary picture frame, integrate fascia or protectively seal off the ends of your composite boards, we’re here to help.