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your complete guide to dock decking options and dock materials

your complete guide to dock decking choices. choosing wood decking for your dock system vertex is a very low maintenance, lightweight decking that is surprisingly safe, and non-slip, plus it feels incredible on your bare feet. vertex decking is available in an attractive tan, non-slip flagstone pattern.

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decking can be cut to length and capped off with aluminum channel. deck sections are made from low weight, high strength extruded aluminum with a baked-on skid resistant finish, available in white or beige. quality. well suited for custom-made docks, dock additions, platforms and ramps.

non-skid paint for boats, aluminum, metal, wood deck coating

primarily we are using the non-skid paint shipstone gray on the wood dock ramps. we find the product easy to apply, it adheres well, and is very durable. we have also used the non-skid paint blue for our deck coating around the upstairs office. the product provides the slip-resistance we need, looks good, and does not discolor in direct

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dock and pier decking. additionally, lumberock meets ada standards for slip resistance thanks to the embossed wood grain pattern, and you can stroll barefoot along your dock without worrying about splinters or harsh cracks. our uv-protecting color additives ensure that constant exposure to sunlight will have no noticeable effect on our