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the structure underwent an evolutionary change to become an enclosed structure, essentially a floodable compartment, for docking amphibious vehicles that in most modern versions has lost its weather deck character even as the more modern commercial ship designs have abandoned the traditional well deck structures that are not typically features of today's bulk cargo ships, container ships or

oil tanker hits bay bridge tower; no spill reported cbs

oil tanker hits bay bridge tower; no spill reported. january 7, 2013 at 11:39 pm said the vessel hit an underwater portion of the massive bridge structure. aircraft carrier or cargo ship

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spacex cargo ship captured by space station crew. to reach the 'autonomous spaceport drone ship.' but the rocket crashed onto the deck and was destroyed. clump together in fibrous

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such cargo must be carefully secured to prevent losses and reduce the risk of injury on the part of the ship's crew, as people will be directly exposed to the deck cargo while working on the ship. livestock is often carried as deck cargo when there are concerns about ventilation and safety belowdecks.

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in a general cargo ship the transverse framing will consist of main and hold frames with brackets top and bottom, and lighter tween deck frames with brackets at the tops only . scantlings of the main transverse frames are primarily dependent on their position, spacing and depth, and to some extent on the rigidity of the end connections.

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general cargo ship a,b,d.hatches no 1, no 2, no3, c cofferdam 1.cargo gear, masts and derricks 2. hatch covers 3. cargo winches 4. mast house 5. main deck 6. second deck 7. ‘tweendeck centreline bulkhead 8. lower hold centreline bulkhead 9. transverse bulkhead 10. tank top 11. stowage in holds 12. deck cargo a bow read morecargo ship: general structure, equipment and arrangement

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iowa's politics-free redistricting faces test. february 10, 'the deck is not stacked by the way people d the boundaries,' he said. cargo ship launched to the international space station

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sea-fastening of cargo. a ship’s deck is used to transport many different types of cargo from containers to large structures such as cranes or heavy modules of an offshore production plant.. during transport, the ship confronts forces from the environment wind, wave, current .

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steerage: the lower deck of a ship, where the cargo is stored above the closed hold. in the late 19th and early 20th century, steamship steerage decks were used to provide the lowest cost and lowest class of travel. sundeck: deck onboard passenger watercraft used for suntanning. . sweep deck: the aftmost deck on a minesweeper, set close to the

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deck cargo must be stowed so that it does not obstruct access to the steering gear, life saving or fire fighting equipment, sounding pipes, pilot ladder access, etc. additionally, properly constructed and protected means of access for safe movement about the ship must be provided for the crew over or through deck cargo. securing

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when a ship is loaded with cargo, it may have many times its own empty weight of cargo pushing down on the structure. in heavy seas, water flowing over or crashing down onto the weather deck applies possibly immense loads on the deck and transverse loads on the superstructure or other deck features such as coamings and hatches.

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'incredibly moving' audio from el faro's final hours. lead ntsb investigator of the american cargo ship that sank in 2015 describes listening to recovered audio from the doomed ship's last 26 hours

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2 cruise ships with sick passengers dock in florida 7 homes built with shipping containers. by ilyce glink he added large windows throughout the structure to let in natural light and a