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can i stain my new deck using a pump sprayer? the home

pump sprayers tend to give a rather course spray. even with high quality airless sprayers, the paint manufacturers recommend that you 'back brush' the stain to work it deep into the grain of the wood and even out its appearance.

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spray stain. make sure that you read the manufacturer’s specifications and take the appropriate steps before you fill your pump sprayer with deck stain. the lid on your sprayer should be screwed on completely and the pump sprayer should be pressurized. test your stain before you actually apply it to your deck.

how to stain a deck using a sprayer hunker

fill a pump sprayer that can spray deck stain with the deck stain of your choice. screw the lid onto the sprayer reservoir and pressurize the pump sprayer, according to the manufacturer's specifications. you should apply deck stain in the morning or evening when the sun is not beating directly down on the deck.

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it will help you to assess which deck stain sprayer would suit you from the alternatives available, and choose whether to use either a pump ora spray gun applicator. how to use a deck stain sprayer. these are general guidelines, in all cases ensure that you refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific deck stain sprayer.

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stir the stain thoroughly with a paint stirrer. turn the lid of your pump sprayer counterclockwise, remove the lid and pour the stain into the canister. put the lid back on and turn it clockwise to secure it to the sprayer. unlock the handle by pressing it down and turning it counterclockwise.