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save your spoons and stirring sticks. this comes out to give or take about 69,000,000 pounds of plastic. and even though the wooden stir sticks are biodegradable, that one-time, five-second

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in this episode guillermo visits kings county distillery, new york city’s oldest distillery after prohibition opened 2010 . while head distiller and co-owner colin spoelman gives a tour of the 119-year-old facility, they talk about the illegal origins of the spirit, bringing kentucky moonshine to brooklyn, and how to make it in a diy distiller set up.

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read the cutting board - mahogany vs. maple discussion from the chowhound cookware, cutting board food community. the best sustainable school lunch supplies to replace plastic; i like the look of mahogany a little better, but have seen that maple is the typical wood of choice for butcher blocks etc are there any significant

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wood vs. metal playground equipment. choosing the right material is an important consideration when purchasing new equipment for an outdoor play area. playground equipment is typically made of wood, metal, or plastic. plastic is generally used for smaller items or indoor equipment, while metal and wood are used for large outdoor pieces like

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wood, glass and plastic options are what you'll likely see when you're out shopping for a new board. here's an overview of the different materials, their durability and how easy they are to clean.

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plastic is made from petroleum. steel is not. steel is being recycled all of the time. manufacturing is in place to do that. rustproof steel alloys are being used in vehicles today.

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read the melamine vs. plywood construction for cabinets discussion from the chowhound cookware food community. join the discussion today. read the melamine vs. plywood construction for cabinets discussion from the chowhound cookware food community. i know there is good melamine vs. bad melamine and good wood vs. bad wood, but i'm curious

natural playgrounds for children: advantages and problems

a growing trend in north america and some other parts of the world is the creation of natural playgrounds for children. these playgrounds contain elements that are part of nature or are made from natural materials, such as trees, shrubs, grass, logs, stones, sand, water, wooden tree houses, and wood chip trails.

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champ craft play sets is located in ohio and produces amish-made wooden swing and playsets crafted out of resurfaced, pressure treated pine. one of the leading consumer playground equipment

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playground sets are typically constructed with a few different materials. the most common are wood, metal, or plastic. this article is going to look at the benefits of each material and help you figure out which is the best for your needs. wood. many popular playground sets are made from wood. there are many benefits to having this material.

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over time, harsh weather can take a toll on plastic structures, but wood is sturdy. while it may appear worn out, a wooden playground can retain its original form for long periods of time. instant and pinterest-worthy party space. typical wood play sets can comfortably house 10 children at one time.