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saturn sd430 to sd518 models features durable, non-slip hard decks floor over an inflatable keel which provides a robust and stable platform for any activity. saturn boats carry the highly recognized ce certification issued by lloyds of london.

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saturn boat / dinghy

our saturn inflatable boats come equipped with a full line of commercial grade features including multiple exterior air chambers, our acclaimed drop stitch inflatable floor over 8 psi pressure rating , removable seating, comfortable lifting handles, upgraded inflation valves, pressure relief valves, stainless steel d-rings and more.

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spare air floors for saturn inflatables. please note that our floors are only fit into saturn inflatable boats do not purchase if you have non-saturn boats, as floor will not be subject to return. the advantages of an air floor are its lightweight and ease of use.

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once through the door, jump down to the beach and jump to the next beach to the right. mount the boat from here that will take you the rest of the way to colchis. **secret: in case you haven't discovered it for yourself already, you can speed up those boat rides by striking the drum in between the drummer's beats.

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shop the inflatable boats, kayaks and rafts by one of the best brand. along with this great inflatable fishing boats and kayaks saturn provides 1 customer service.

8'6' saturn inflatable boat - slated floor

our new 8'6' slated floor inflatable boat. the 8'6' ss260 saturn slated floor inflatable boat is one of the lightest and least expensive dinghies available on a market worldwide. it was designed solely at the request of customers looking to make an even more affordable inflatable boat.